Gender Stereotypes: Article Analysis

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1. Has the author formulated a problem/issue?
Yes, the authors point out the main idea is to “examine weather sex of a child affects’ parents beliefs about gender roles” (Shafer and Malhotra, 2011). The scholarly article I found is called The effects of a child’s sex on support for traditional gender role by Emily Fitzgibbons Shafer and Neil Malhotra, this article points out how we stereotype women and in doing so we automatically label them in a certain manner because they are female.
2. Is it clearly defined? Is its significance (scope, severity, relevance) clearly established?
The issue was clearly defined in the opening paragraphs of the article. The article focuses on soon to be parents and if they change their mind about traditional
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Emily and Neil point out how we socially construct gender attitudes by, “individuals adopt a feminist opinion or gender-egalitarian attitude; exposure effects occur when “individuals develop or change their understanding of women’s place in society and their attitudes toward feminist issues when they encounter ideas and situations that resonate with feminist ideals.” For example, women are more likely to face workplace discrimination, which then affects their gender role attitudes more broadly.” (2011) The authors point out that we maintain these gender norms because they still happen in society, it takes a person to encounter a certain situation in which it changed their views about traditional gender …show more content…
In what ways does this article contribute to your understanding of the problem under study, and in what ways is it useful for practice? What are the strengths and limitations?
This article contributes to my understanding of gender roles in society because it talks about the social construction of gender norms. The limitations to this article are that it only talks about parents views of traditional norms before and after having a child.
11. How does this article relate to the specific thesis or question you are developing?
My focus this semester is on gender norms in society. This article add to my knowledge of how gender norms are created. The article also supports my thoughts, when a baby girl is born they are given pink and dolls whereas a little boy would get blue and trucks to play with. From the findings in this article it clearly shows a correlation between parent’s attitudes toward their newborn and how they already stigmatize and give their new born a gender role.
12. Give the bibliographic reference (in proper APA format) of the article you chose.
Shafer, E. F., & Malhotra, N. (2011). The Effect of a Child 's Sex on Support for Traditional Gender Roles. Social Forces, 90(1), 209-222.
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