Traditional Gender Stereotyping Analysis

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All human was born are equal. There are no different between men and women play a role in society. However, women tend to be in a weaker position than men because they need a strong personality to live alone without a man and a great endurance to take care for their family. Because the love of a mother for their child is too big, they willing to sacrifice themselves in order for the next generation to grow up.
One of the thing that Sue mention in Unmasking ‘racial micro aggression’ is that “Traditional Gender Role Prejudicing and Stereotyping occurs when expectation of traditional roles or stereotypes are conveyed” (Sue 2). Women should be married during child-bearing ages because that is their primary purpose. People keep looking at the past and see the role of a woman is taking care of family, stay at home to do the cleaning job and with that expectation, woman get
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She described “We listened intently for a whoosh, for a loud bang, for a flash of color, for anything that would signal our future” (Ward 103). They expect something that can come and take them to a brighter future. Ward, Nerissa, Charine and Joshua can’t feel comfortable. This thinking happen when they are playing a game call That’s My Car. They hope for a better life, something could transform their life.
Ward is stress at this time after a lot of accident happen to all the person she know. She sadly admits that “Life for me in the wide curious world was a constant struggle against empty rooms, against the grief at my brother 's death and at Ronald’s death that followed me always” (Ward 118). Life is not going to be easy for Ward. She suffer from losing friend, who is her sister’s boyfriend. Not very long after that, she lost her brother, one of the most important people in her life. Bad event just keep coming and Ward could not handle as a woman in a

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