Traditional Gender And Gender Roles Essay

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In the US, there remain outdated traditional gender ideals that no longer fit our culture. It should be taught in society to accept someone who may not have the same interests that match their traditional gender role. In order to keep the US from continuing on the path of being a more angry and judgmental country, we need to make it clear to both men/boys and women/girls, that it 's okay to be both strong and sensitive. It needs to be shown to everyone that there isn 't anything wrong with liking something traditionally considered ‘feminine’ or ‘masculine’
Children in the US and throughout the world should be taught at a young age that traditional gender roles aren 't necessary in today’s world. They should be taught early on that certain individuals fit and want their traditional gender roles and some go outside the typical traditional role. Emma Watson, who is involved in the “He for She” project with the UN has done research on how, many young women aren’t given the chance to learn or be who they want, because of how gender roles are accepted socially. She has come to realize that she is one of the lucky ones. As she said in her speech for “He for She”, “My life is a sheer privilege because my parents didn’t love me less because I was born a daughter. My school did not limit me because I was a girl. My mentors didn 't assume that I would go less far because I might give birth to a child one day.”(Watson). Ms. Watson has also come to realize that men should also be a…

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