Essay on Tracy Latimer Unjustified

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Latanya Kinlicheenie
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November 10, 2012
Tracy Latimer Unjustified Tracy Latimer of Canada was born on November 23, 1980 (Semkiw). On a farm in Saskatchewan, Canada, Tracy lived with her family of six; she was the eldest of her three other siblings (Semkiw). Due to an insufficient amount of oxygen at birth, Tracy was born with Cerebral Palsy. By the age of 12, Tracy had undergone three corrective surgeries in order to “improve her quality of life” (Pickup). When told Tracy needed a fourth surgery, her parents decided she needed to die in order to prevent her from more pain (Pickup). The very night Tracy’s parents were told she needed the fourth surgery, Robert and Laura Latimer admitted they discussed
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The public was in outrage and labeled Robert’s sentence to be a “cruel and unusual punishment” (Malhotra). The media was in frenzy; printing articles that supported Tracy’s killer and rarely recognizing the fact that a child had died because her father wanted to end her “suffering” (Malhotra).
Robert petitioned his way to Canada’s Supreme Court in hopes to remain free. The Supreme Court allowed a retrial due to the selection of the jurors who may have been in favor of Robert (News).
In hopes to gain stronger support for Robert, the media often interviewed people with a disability who were in favor of Robert rather than those who opposed (Pickup). The headline “Robert Did the Right Thing” was common among the various sorts of media; “The media revealed its own disabilities: blindness and deafness to the humanity of Tracy Latimer” (Pickup).
Ruth Enns commented on the case:
Of the eighty headlines only twenty-five mentioned or alluded to Tracy.
Of those, only seven identified her simply by name or as a daughter, girl or child: ... Only three of the eighty headlines referred to Tracy [sic] without some negative qualifier.

In the United States that very year, Susan Smith of South Carolina drowned her two fit boys. The public and media in this case loathed Susan’s actions (Pickup). Yet how does killing two perfectly healthy boys compared to killing a handicap

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