Tracks by Louise Erdrich Essay

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Chapter 1, Nanapush Summary

Nanapush talks about the conditions of his Native American tribe in North Dakota. He is considered an elder although he is only fifty years old. Nanapush is talking to someone he calls Granddaughter about how he saves her mother, Fleur Pillager. Fleur recuperates and bonds with Nanapush over their dead families. When the weather permits, Fleur and Nanapush bury the dead Pillagers. Nanapush makes the clan markers, which is the symbol of a bear. Back at Nanapush's place, Nanapush and Fleur suffer from their losses. The new priest, Father Damian, interrupts them. He says that Fleur's cousin Moses has been found alive in the woods. Fleur and Nanapush are startled by his visit, but they are hospitable to their
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Eli says she can hunt. Six days go by, and Nanapush is tired of Eli. Nanapush gives him a gun on the seventh day. Eli leaves. After the snares appear useless, Nanapush lies down in his home. He darkens his face with charcoal. He slowly sings to his helpers until he unknowingly chants. Nanapush sees the tracks of Eli's snowshoes. He helps.....

Chapter 6, Pauline Summary

Pauline's starvation makes her unsure when her baby is due. Bernadette keeps her from getting rid of the child. Bernadette and Pauline agree that Pauline should stay on the farm and wear concealing clothes. Pauline still thinks about terminating the pregnancy. Pauline says she knows her baby is a girl, and she will name her Marie, after the Virgin, even though the pregnancy was caused by the devil. The noise of the armistice bells makes her scream, and this noise signals the beginning of the birth. Pauline does not want to push for fear of being ostracized. A scared Bernadette calls her a fool and leaves the room and returns with makeshift forceps. She forces the child out of Pauline with the forceps. Pauline sees a dark being, which came from her.....

Chapter 7, Nanapush Summary

Nanapush sees a cold, sleepy Lulu at the door and brings her inside. She is shaking but manages to say that something is wrong at home. Margaret tries to warm her up. Nanapush is disgusted seeing her wear her nice shoes. Margaret curses Eli for buying them and throws them in the fire, but they don't burn

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