Essay Torture Is A Human Right Violation

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Over the years, the human population has struggled over many moral dilemma such as human values and life decisions. The debate of torture is one of the many moral dilemmas. Some say torture is a human right violation, but others say it is necessary for the humanity. Torture has been used since the medieval age to extract information or for punishment to a person. In that time era torture was not a decision of right and wrong but a necessity of doing what is needed to survive in a harsh world. Now as mankind is getting sensitive about this issue. It does not change the fact that torture is a necessity in modern life.
Torture in the eyes of many is a negative method that is used to inflict pain to remove information from a person. Torture is not a negative thing, as some people make it out to be. Torture has been there since the dawn of the medieval ages and is a necessity to withdraw information from someone that can prevent devastating events from occurring, information that can help save someone’s life. Knowledge that can be used to turn the tide of war or help prevent an assassination of a political figure. The efficiency of torture can stop another event like, September 11, 2001 from happening on American soil. The extracted information can be used to help innocent civilians be spared from any unfortunate event such as the Boston Bombing of 2013. Even though the person that undergoes the torture will feel immense pain, it is well worth the information that can help avoid…

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