Tort and Bad Boy Essay

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Piec vs. Caisse d’economie polonaise (p. 59) (MIDTERM 2)

Grandma = Stephania Wojcicka
Bad Boy = nephew Tadeusz Wojcicki
Niece (Margaret Wojcicka) is executor of will

|Facts |Three mandates: |
| |Gma goes on extended trip, gives power of attorney for banking matters to Bad Boy |
| |Niece has mandate as executor of the will (mandate only kicks in when Gma dies) |
| |Bank has mandate for Gma’s finances |
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Notary knows that the money he’s holding is not really the doctor’s but joseph’s.
Mandate is a façade.

146400 Canada Inc. vs. Network Transport Ltd. (p. 70) (MIDTERM 2)

|Facts |[2137] tacit acceptance of lease contract: offer to lease + move in = lease contract (even thought nothing was |
| |signed) |
| |Bates (president of Network Transit Limited) says lease contract between NT-QC and 146400 (bankruptcy of NT-QC |
| |means

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