Topic Sentence With Controlling Idea Essay

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Topic Sentence with Controlling Idea:
Mexico has many unique celebrations just like every other country does. Different traditions and value are what distinguish each country from one another.
Dia de los Muertos, also known as Day of The Dead is celebrated all across Mexico. It’s the day where all Mexicans pay their respect to the dead. They pray and remember family members and friends who have died . It is believed that on the nights of October 31 through the night of november 2 the souls of people who have passed return to earth. On october 31 it is known as All Saints Day Eve. On All Saints Day, November 1, small children who have died are honored as "angelitos," little angels. The next day, All Souls Day, is the day set aside for remembering older family members and friends. Families build up altars in cemeteries and homes, adorned with photographs of loved ones that have passed away and fill the altar with the person 's favorite foods and drinks. The most traditional stuff to have on the altar are tequila, chocolate, "pan de muertos" (bread of the dead), and yellow and red flowers.
December 12, Dia de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, or better known as the day of Our Lady of Guadalupe is a day celebrated by many Mexican Catholics. The night before on December 11 millions of people from every state visit the Basilica of our lady of Guadalupe, a Catholic church in Mexico city. Some people go by foot and take several days to do so. Mexicans honor their…

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