Tony Kushner's Angels In Americ Millennium Approaches

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Written during one of the toughest times in politics, with a theme not many seem to understand Tony Kushner’s’ Angels in America: Millennium Approaches with, departing Artistic Director Kate Cherry, and the final year Fine Arts Acting Faculty students lead this theatrical masterpiece of a production with diverse results. The company showcased the 3-hour beginning act of the two-act gay fantasia and what an intriguing three hours it was. With plot exploring with the multiple key points of sexuality, gender, cultural diversity, politics and identity, there is no reason for it to immediately grab the audiences’ attention, however there is not always a reason for all the attention to be on you. But for all those who have attended the production over its 4 night premier in the heart of Brisbane City at the stunning QUT Gardens Point Theatre, only they know the ability, strength and grace of this overwhelming production starring the third year Fine Arts Acting faculty QUT students at their best. …show more content…
Prior has acquired HIV and developed AIDS. His partner Louis tries to support and care for him but soon starts to break away from the strain and fear of losing Prior. Joe is displayed the opportunity for a job in the Justice Department by high-powered judicial lawyer Roy Cohn, his superior and acquaintance. Harper, who is addicted to Valium, objects to the idea, of moving to Washington with Joe, to take up the

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