Essay on Tom Sawyer Chapters 25 - 35

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Chapter 25 A strong desire to go somewhere and dig hidden treasure came to Tom. He went out to find Joe Harper but he failed. Next he sought out Ben Rogers but Ben had gone fishing. Fortunately, he stumbled upon Huck Finn the Red-Handed. Tom took Huck to a private place and told him the matter. Huck agreed so willingly. Huck asked Tom where they will dig out the treasure. Tom told him that robbers always hide it on islands or under dead trees that have one limb sticking out, or in haunted houses. Since they’ve been to Jackson’s Island, Tom told Huck that they might as well find a dead tree a few miles of civilization. They ventured out with a pick and shovel, their minds full of fantasies of what kind of treasure they could find. Huck …show more content…
They failed multiple of times but that didn’t stop them from finding new places and trying new tactics in order to find some clues about where the treasure might be. They might still be boys but that doesn’t mean that it would hinder them from venturing out into the world even late at night to search for such treasure that they seek.

Chapter 26 The next day at noon, the boys arrived at the dead tree to collect their tools. Tom was anxious to get to the haunted house already, and so did Huck. But Tom quickly counted the days that has passed. He realized that it was Friday, which is an unlucky day for them to dig some treasures. They talked about Robin Hood who was a criminal that robbed sheriffs, bishops, rich people and kings but never bothered the poor. They discussed about how amazing Robin Hood is, how he would be able to defend himself from bad people even when his hands are tied. So they played Robin Hood all that afternoon, casting a yearning eye every now and then at the haunted house and remarking the possibilities there. As the sun starts its descend, they decided to go home. The next day, shortly after noon, the boys were at the dead tree again. They had a little chat, dug a little in their last hole, not with great hope but only because Tom said that there were so many cases where treasure hunters give up digging with only a few inches away from the treasure, and then somebody else comes

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