Compare And Contrast Tom And Jay In The Great Gatsby

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It is said that love can kill a man, and it is also said that the ones who begin with nothing, will always have the palpable desire to achieve everything. These two sayings boast much truth in the novel “The Great Gatsby,” written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, and perfectly capture the distinct differences between Jay Gatsby and Tom Buchanan. Although Tom and Jay are both blinded by Daisy’s love, their polar pasts have influenced their current contrasting lifestyles, personalities, and behaviour.

To begin, both men are deeply in love with Daisy. To Jay, Daisy was representative of success and power. She represented Gatsby’s ideal life. In the quote, "Her voice is full of money” (page 128), Daisy represents what Gatsby is striving to achieve throughout the entire plot of
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Nick says that he has a readiness to fall in love, unlike anyone he has ever seen before. Jay is desperate to be loved by Daisy, and hopes that one day he will be able to settle down and be happy with her. Jay is full of hopes and dreams, and tries to manage his life so that he can marry Daisy while also trying to achieve the american dream and be successful. He hopes that with money, he will be able to win Daisy over, since that is the reason she did not want to marry him years ago. Readers are able to understand from this quote that Jay is much more reserved and has a softer, less hulking personality than Tom. Nick uses words such as gorgeous to describe Jay’s demeanour. The word gorgeous is a softer way to describe someone. It may be viewed as a feminine way to describe a man, only adding to the idea that Jay is a nicer and more tolerate person than Tom. Jay’s quiet personality causes him to prefer to stay hidden at a party, where Tom loves to have all eyes on him. Tom’s big personality often comes off too strong and is seen in a negative way, whereas Jay’s softer personality is more

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