Today 's Modern Ashkenazi Music Essay examples

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The first question would be: How today’s modern Ashkenazi music is different considering to (Eastern) European music? According to research, culturally many religious Jews who lived Europe have kept their same traditions and customs fully over a long period of time which somehow they distinguished themselves from other European culture and religion. As a result, the music in Judaism in Europe kept alive. This religious music mostly knows as liturgical chant secrete songs in synagogue typically in Yiddish- the old language of Hebrew back then. Other than Hebrew - the tongue of the Bible - the language of speech and song is mainly Yiddish (Judeo-German); nowadays, English and other local languages have come to play a large role in Jewish Music of the Ashkenazi stream. Yiddish - Beginning as an offshoot of Medieval German in the 10th century, Yiddish developed as a unique hybrid of German, Hebrew, and whatever other languages Jewish people spoke in the various countries where they dwelled. Thus, there are Slavic, Polish, and many other words in Yiddish. (Moreover, numerous amounts of their song lyrics were created from their religious text from the Tanakh (the Old Testament), Siddur (prayer book) and from Rabbis (Jewish religious teacher). Also, a time when Modern Hebrew language started to revive due to the Zionist movement in 1896; many Jews begin to learn the language which Yiddish became an ancient language. Overtime however, many of the Jewish music changed in every…

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