To What Extent Do You Sympathize Curley's Wife? Essay

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To what extent do you sympathize Curley’s wife?

I don’t sympathize Curley’s wife, as the way she talks is very arrogant and mean. The quotation “Think I don’t know where they all went?” shows that she doesn’t want to be looked down on. She is trying to make up for the fact that she doesn’t know where Curley and the others have gone to. She thinks it will be embarrassing when Lennie, Candy and Crooks these kind of “weak” people know something that she doesn’t. She likes to show off in front of people and what she enjoys is applause and adoration, or even worship from others. Being in the center is what matters the most for Curley’s wife. I can tell by the quotation “ An’ a guy tol’ me he could put me in pitchers…’” “An’ what am I doin’?
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She wasn’t being welcomed at all when she entered Crook’s room. People all wanted her to leave. Candy said the quotation sourly “ Curley ain’t been here” when she was asking. He also said “ Then if you know, why you want to ask us where Curley’ is at?” and “So maybe you better jus’ scatter along now.” Candy obviously dislikes her and he was not welcoming her, as he argued back. He also pointed out her bad personality staightly, “You gotta husban’. You got no call foolin’ aroun’ with other guys, causin’ trouble.” Candy argued back for Lennie, because Curley’s wife was picking on him. He said “You let this guy alone. Don’t you do no messing aroun’ with him. I’m gonna tell George what you says. George won’t have you messin’ with Lennie.” Candy also helped Crooks by saying “If you was to do that, we’d tell. We’d tell about you framin’ Crooks.” Crooks has been fed up with her, so he said “I had enough. You ain’t wanted here. We told you you ain’t. An’ I tell ya, you got floozy idears about what us guys amounts to. You ain’t got sense enough in that chicken head to even see that we ain’t stiffs. S’ pose you get us canned. S’ pose you do. You think we’ll hit the highway an’ look for another lousy two-bit job like this. You don’t know that we got our own ranch to go to, an our own house.”

On the other hand, Curley’s wife can be sympathetic as well. She has no freedom and can’t go to places that she wants. She is owned by Curley. She really wants to talk to

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