To Kill a Mockingbird Essay - Issues Which Are Still Relevent in Todays Society.

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‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ by Harper Lee explores several different issues which are still relevant in today’s society. Harper Lee uses conventions within the novel to convey these ideas. The three main issues Lee explores are; Importance of Moral Education, Prejudice and Bravery and Courage.

Lee explores the theme of the Importance of Moral Education throughout the novel. This idea is still relevant in today’s society as we all face moral decisions which shape who we are. Harper Lee investigates this idea through the use of characterisation. Lee uses characterisation very effectively and particularly uses Atticus Finch and Calpurnia to portray this. Ever since Jem and Scout were at an early age Atticus would read to them and slowly over
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Instead, she should aim to view scenarios from other people’s perspective. Harper Lee explores the Importance of Moral Education as it is still considered one of the most important factors in moulding who we are, our values and most importantly our morals. Both cases develop Scout’s moral education and taught her about racism and understanding. It shapes her to become a morally correct adolescent.

Lee explores the idea of Prejudice throughout the novel. Lee uses two conventions to help portray this; characterisation and symbolism. Lee uses characterisation to portray how the different social classes are noticeable within the community and how the lower class is looked down upon. Symbolism is used to show how the community of Maycomb dictates against one man because of his race and social status. Aunt Alexandra is a prime example; her attitude towards people is purely based on their social status and where they live. She considers herself to be higher up in the social class compared to others in Maycomb, therefore she refuses to communicate with the lower class – including Walter Cunningham. Aunt Alexander’s excuse when Scout asked why she doesn’t communicate with Mr. Cunningham was; “because-he-is-white-trash”.
Harper Lee also uses symbolism to explore the idea of prejudice. Tom Robinson is a symbol used in the novel to portray prejudism against blacks. He is charged for rape of a white girl from the Ewell family. Tom

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