Tintern Abbey By William Wordsworth Analysis

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The Beauties of the World
(An analysis of William Wordsworth poem Tintern Abbey.)

Have you ever wanted to go back to a place that brought you peace? William Wordsworth wrote us a poem called Tintern Abbey, which is all about going back to a place that he has not been to in five years. He talks of this place and all its beauties, each word written is written down with purpose, to create a beautiful image in the readers mind. This time, however, Wordsworth does not come alone, but he brings with him his sister. While they are together walking around, he gives her powerful advice about life and growing up. Wordsworth is a phenomenal poetry writer. This specific piece is written in more of an essay form, where each stanza stands as a paragraph.
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Nature is shown everywhere throughout this poem, “For I have learned/ To look on nature, not as in the hour/ Of thoughtless youth, but hearing oftentimes/ The still, sad music of humanity.” This is only one example of many. Five years after being here, Wordsworth knows he is a more sophisticated and wiser person, and more understands the way of the humans now. Humans are very connected others things, other than the beauty of nature that is right outside their window. Coming back he feels a much stronger pull to nature, he has a deeper relationship. Wordsworth soon talks about how nature offers the humans a kind of insight in the face of morality; it shows the way of life, we just have to look for it. In the Tribune Business News paper, William Hageman writes and article that states, "Visit great natural spaces and try to figure out what kind of scenes mean the most to you and make you feel something. If you have a space that allows it, create a space that evokes the parts of the natural world you really connect with." (William Hageman) Places like this, that make you really connect with nature and disconnect you from the world, is a must. You must go find it, and visit it as often as you can, because sometimes the human mind needs to relax in nature and take a break from the …show more content…
William Wordsworth wrote a beautiful poem called Tintern Abbey. In it he states three main ideas, the first one is God. Wordsworth talks about the little things in life that point us to believe that God is a daily part of our lives. We can see it in the little blessing showed to us each day, also by remembering what he has given us. Which is the next point, the human mind, many things are going through a person’s mind each day. The main one being memories, which are like movies replayed in our mind whenever we want them to. Wordsworth shows us this by the advice he gives his sister, take all this in because you will want to remember it such as I have. Lastly, Wordsworth tells us about nature and how it touches us. Going back to Tintern Abbey, the place is peaceful to him. It touched his life in a way that no other place has, he gives us the advice to go find a place like this. Disconnect from the word and connect with nature. Nature is everywhere, we must find the place that makes us most happy. Ethan Hughes wrote an article to the communities telling them of his evaluation of disconnecting from the world, he writes, “I began to learn that often love is most easily nurtured when we slow down and remove everything that can get in the way of two human beings or a human being and nature interacting” (Ethan Hughes). If we can get away from all the crazy things that happens in the world, and get

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