Ralph Waldo Emerson Essay On Nature

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If we close our eyes and listen to the wind blowing and the birds chirping, we hear the delightful sound of Mother Nature. The beauty of oceans, rivers, forest, trees or flowers is an awed beauty most of us take for granted. No one ever stops to admire the beauty of a simple flower or a tree as we once did before. In “Nature “Emerson affirms the unity of nature’s meaning and clarifies the true meaning of nature to mankind. We ignore all the beauty nature has to offer, and never take the time to see nature for what it truly is. As humans, we fail to realize that we ourselves are a part of nature and that we fail interact with nature on a daily basis. As we have seen, nature is all around us and it flows through us every single moment. We oversee nature as another basic concept of life. Emerson inscribes, “We are just so frivolous and skeptical men hold themselves cheap and vile” (Emerson, “The Conduct of Life” 151). We cannot continue to regularly ignore nature. Nature rewards us with such a beautiful landscaped elegance. For instance, the beauty of a forest stretching out for miles, or the exquisite sight of a waterfall and certainly the amazing aurora in the sky which is only seen on rare occasions …show more content…
Emerson does to a few shared mistakes with nature, just like the rest of us. Speaking of this now is appropriate because nobody in life is perfect, nor will there ever be. Myerson composes a similar statement in “The Contemporary Reviews” by stating in the review of “Society and Solitude”, “It is Emersonian throughout; but if you ask whether it is above or below the average of this unique writer, we confess that we do not know” (Myerson, “The Contemporary Reviews” 320). Myerson is indicating that not all of Mr. Emerson’s teachings are perfect and excellent, and despite Emerson phenomenal guidance, mistakes were made even by Emerson

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