Three Epic Battles In The Epic Of Beowulf

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Throughout the epic poem Beowulf the main character, Beowulf, faces three crucial battles that depend on him to save society. Beowulf, known as one of the strongest men in his land, likes to take on his battles without the assistance of his crew. As beowulf fights in these three battles, he demonstrates different fighting tactics, shows how fate and God determine the ending of a battle, and even some of the same heroic characteristics.
Beowulf first encounters a monster named Grendel. For the past twelve years Grendel has been attacking and killing many of the Danes. Beowulf caught word of this monster and traveled from the Geats, his homeland, to lend a hand in defeating Grendel once and for all. In order to prove his reputation and diffuse
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She attacks the Danes intending to avenge her son. Unlike the previous battle Beowulf now brings a sword to kill her and wears armor to protect himself (Lines 1442-1447). He also expresses that everyone dies at some point. Beowulf wishes that Hrothgar gives his treasure to Beowulf’s uncle in case he loses this battle. Just like the battle with Grendel, Beowulf puts God in control of the outcome, not worrying because God has a plan for him. Before heading to Grendel’s mother’s swamp, Beowulf promises Hrothgar that he will track her down and kill her, once again without the assistance of his men (Lines …show more content…
Their previous king died in battle and Beowulf took over. One day a thief sneaks into a sleeping dragon’s lair and tries to steal a goblet. Unfortunately, for him, the dragon awakes and it begins searching for the thief. It destroys everything in its path, each night killing more and more innocent Geats (Lines 2311-2315). Beowulf hears word of this dragon and begins to prepare for his third and final battle. He does this by obtaining an all-iron shield so the fire will not burn him, an enchanted sword, and a mail-shirt. He also brings along several men, including the thief to help him in battle. Unlike the previous battles, Beowulf claims that fate will determine the ending of this battle. Beowulf approaches the lair and orders his men to stay safe somewhere. This shows that Beowulf is a true warrior and leader by not putting his men in danger. Beowulf runs into the lair only for the dragon to chase him right back out. He uses his shield to protect him from the fire and tries to swing at the dragon, only leaving him with a small cut. This only angers the beast even more. Beowulf realizes his sword failing him and proceeds by getting rid of it. The dragon shoots his fiery breath at him, at this point Beowulf becomes extremely feeble. Ten of his men run to find safety, this leaves Wiglaf who helps Beowulf defeat the dragon. The dragon tries to burn them both, but Wiglaf stabs it, lessening his firepower.

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