Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep: A Literary Analysis

Dystopia is a place where there is oppression and control everywhere, but people believe that is the only way of life and allow it to happen by their government. The books, Fahrenheit 451 and Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep are examples of societies that allow their worlds to exist in conformity and domination, but believe that there is nothing wrong. In the two reading examples, one man tries to change a conformed society, once they realize that they are not as happy as the rest of the world, but throughout their journeys are forced to adapt to the current community because not everyone is able to share the same ideas. Therefore, the three main characteristics of a dystopic society are suppression of knowledge, constant surveillance, and war.
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In a dystopic society, the less you know the better off you are, according to the government. These societies tend to suppress knowledge about the real world and regulate the education that is given by the schools. They limit the amount of knowledge they can get from school to deter the creativity a person can have in order to extinguish any type of thoughts to rebel against the government. For example, in Fahrenheit 451, the schools do not teach anything that does not make the kids happy and lets them have fun, activities may include playing sports, watching television, transcription history, painting, and more films (Bradbury 29). Above all, they are too busy having fun that they have no time to think for themselves and ask questions. Throughout the whole novel, it is prohibited and consequential to read books and worse to own books, which shows how the society is allowing their government to suppress knowledge to control the community. In Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, the main suppression of knowledge comes from not knowing how to handle the androids. Within the community they are told that the androids are bad and emotionless because they escaped slavery, but they are not

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