Thomas Paine 's Common Sense Essay

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Thomas Paine 's Common Sense Contribution To American Revolution
Thomas Paine (1737-1809), famous for his political radicalism ideologies, published Common Sense in 1776. Common Sense was a hugely influential pamphlet urging the end of the British rule on America. Paine can be said to have played the greatest role of convincing the American people to engage in a spirit of revolution rather than rebellion. Rebellion differs from the revolution in that its agenda is resistance to the government while that of revolution is to replace the government. Paine’s approach to revolution and equality among the Americans people created a sense of uneasiness among other revolutionists who were not as generous in their political thought as Paine was. One of such status quo revolutionist was John Adams, who later became the president in 1796. John Adams felt that the common sense pamphlet advocated more equality over independence. There was great rivalry between Paine and Adams, but it did not do much damage on the revolutionist efforts to be free from the English. The rivalry between Paine and other Adam like minded revolutionists only revealed their motives in desiring a revolution. The key issue for all of them was socioeconomic equality.
One of Paine’s greatest concerns mentioned in the common sense pamphlet is the idea of balance and checks proposed by revolutionists such as Adams. Paine felt that the introduction of balance and checks was a typical rebellion that would use a…

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