Thomas Jefferson And Alexander Hamilton Essay

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Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton were two men who wanted change in the political party system. This is where the two new political parties were created, the Federalist party and the Democratic-Republicans. These two new forms of government brought new and different ideas on how to run a federal government. Most candidates of today still follow these ways of thinking, but their ideals are much less extreme, but also these ideas could be applied to some of the problems of today. Alexander Hamilton started his political career as an advisor to Washington during his presidency.During this time, he began to see the weaknesses in the federal government and began to think of new ways to approach these weaknesses. This is where Hamilton 's new political system comes into place, it was called the Federalist party. This new party brought new ideas on how the government should be run. Two of the major ideas of the Federalists were that the wanted a strong central government , which meant that all the governing power would stay with the federal government. The other major idea that came out of this new party was that the Constitution would be loosely followed by the federal government. Some other ideas that came from the Federalists was the support of Britain, also that the only people who could govern were the rich, educated, or well-born people of the US.

On the other hand, you had Thomas Jefferson who helped write the Declaration of Independence, he was also the first…

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