Thomas Hobbes 's Political Philosophy Essay example

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Prompt: Some critics have claimed that Hobbes’s political theory betrays his science (if we are so rational, for example, why is the best government an absolute monarchy?) Is this claim true or false? Or is it true in part and false in part?

I. Introduction

i. Opening remarks

Thomas Hobbes is by far and large considered to be the founding father of modern political philosophy. Any political conflict can be assimilated into elements that have roots in his ideas. He was a part of a ‘new breed’ of political thinkers who eschewed their works from theological platforms, unlike prior Aristotelian thinkers. A special feature of his work is his incorporation of a scientific style to study human nature. Hobbes gets his evidence from introspection, and his conclusions are generally considered radical. Hobbes wrote the Leviathan during great political upheaval and during a European scientific revolution.

ii. Hobbes’s background
Hobbes came from humble beginnings. He was the son of a village vicar, but his uncle provided for his education. He was thoroughly trained in Latin and Greek. His intellectual talents earned him the tutorship of an important noble of the Cavendish family. iii. Thesis Statement
According to Hobbes’s science, man is prohibited to perform any deed that is destructive of his life. He goes on to justify how a ‘Leviathan’ is the perfect solution to remedy societal problems which ostensibly go against his science. But in most cases, the long term results…

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