Thomas Hobbes : The Controversial Leviathan Essay

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Thomas Hobbes:
First and foremost Thomas Hobbes wrote the controversial Leviathan to help explain and justify his theories on a psychological level as well as a physiological level. Deriving from this text and information that supports it in the Leviathan, he basically outlines his thoughts, first in a psychological way about the individual human and his state of nature, having a sense of motion and perception that imply his/her actions. Hobbes understands that human nature is everywhere and people have the capacity to reason. He wrote in a time of Civil Wars, right after an England King was recently beheaded. His theories of political obligation are grounded in human rationality because he sees that the majority of individuals act in their own self interest. Showing us that totalitarianism is the underlining way of the social contract. Hobbes goes against the Aristotle principles because he tends to look inward on an individual instead of at their experience. He believes in restless competition and the central idea of “motion”. Justifying his theories he uses a scientific method that is rounded behind first principles and direct experience (from Montaigne) while also using geometry. He points to the state of war and the rights of a man because there is no morality here and everyone lives in fear. He tells us that each man has certain rights to protect his life and state of nature as well as any man against him may receive whatever it is needed to maintain peace. Hobbes…

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