Essay on Thomas Hobbes And John Locke

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Throughout philosophy, there have been many different philosophers with their ideas of how the topic and ideas should be. Two philosophers that have shown this many times are Thomas Hobbes and John Locke. Both of them have their ideas and thoughts on the state of nature. What is the state of nature like, and what motives this philosopher to form these ideas, forms or social contracts? In my opinion, I believe that one philosopher have a better point being made, to make sure that there are reasoning and safety between everyone.
State of nature is an idea that uses moral and political philosophy to make laws. As well take into account religion, social contracts, and theories, on how people 's lives should be and what happened before societies were formed. There are types and versions of the social contract theory that the state of nature has no rights mostly freedom.
Thomas Hobbes is an English philosopher; he is known for his political thoughts. What Hobbes thinks about political authority is unreal in the normal condition individuals can lack a form of government. Hobbes claims that it’s okay that you do anything you need to get the things you want or need, even if you have to kill someone or end up in jail. It’s been said that one is able on killing any other person if they have to. Everyone has to sleep or rest, and everyone has to get out at times. People can even group up to make things happen. We are all equal in one way; Hobbes thinks that there is no real natural…

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