Thomas Chatterton And The First Romantic Poet Essay

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Thomas Chatterton was born in Bristol on November 20, 1752 and is known as the first Romantic poet in English. One day he found his mother tearing up for waste paper some old music folios that had been brought home from the church used as sewing-patterns and bookbindings. Thomas 'fell in love ' with the illuminated capitals and, his interest once aroused, his mother soon taught him to read with the aid of the manuscript.His reading progressed from the old folios to a black-letter Bible and then to any books he could obtain. When he was ten, he began to write poetry. At first he produced religious verses, but he soon developed a satirical vein. Chatterton was not happy during his teen years being a poet and soon turned into a forger for many reasons. One reason was that he felt alienated in society and did not authority. He knew he was a genius and did not like how he was placed at the bottom of the social status with little to no encouragement or understanding. Chatterton wanted others to see his work so he sacrificed his fame and gave up many of his poems to a 15th century priest, Thomas Rowley. From 1805-1830’s Romanticism evolved makred by a quickening of cultural nationalism and attention to national origins although it was not universal it concentrated more on exploring a nations historical and cultural background. The definition of Romanticism is different for everyone. Poets for example have interpreted it in different ways and made it their own. For example in…

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