Thomas Aquinas And The Soul Essay

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During this class, which took longer than anticipated, because of unforeseen events, but overall, I enjoyed learning about those philosophers who questioned the norm and sought better understanding. Among those people early on in civilization, life must have been simple, because of a vague understanding of our natural world or any other supernatural questions. Today we can attribute many of our beliefs, customs, and traditions to these people who influenced religion and philosophy. Certainly, those like Plato’s, Plotinus, and Maimonides all contributed to many versions of religion now well established around the world, because they chose to follow a different path towards knowledge. Although, many have grown distant from any type of inter-reflection or thinking about the source of our existence, for this reason our current society has adopted a less philosophical lifestyle. For this reason, I have gained much insight into Plato 's recollection theory, Thomas Aquinas ' reason and faith, and Meister Eckhart’s ' core of the soul, because each represents an important role in creative thought and some sort of knowledge about an ineffable source of creation.
To begin, Plato provides a story about Meno and Socrates searching for the source of knowledge and virtue, by asking and proving to Meno that learning comes from this recollection. In other words, our soul existed in some prior life, learning along the way until we reach our current state of conscience. During our life we can…

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