Thinking Sex Notes For A Radical Theory Of The Politics Of Sexuality Analysis

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In Gayle S. Rubin’s Thinking Sex: Notes for a Radical Theory of the Politics of Sexuality, it’s evident to think that Rubin’s arguments pertain the feministic movement to her own “theory of sexuality”. Rubin says, “the coercive power of the law ensures the transmission of conservative sexual values with these kinds of controls over parenting and teaching” (Rubin p.20). Rubin throughout the subtext of Sexual Satisfaction, has seemingly put focus on the premature exposure to sexuality in young people. To Rubin, this is breathtaking in all, and is one of the positives in the law today. In specific, he names a few medical practices like medical care, pharmalogical advice ad psychological counseling. He says, “if ... were illegal, Medical practices …show more content…
In those experiences of boarding school, someone like myself can relate to such a thing. Lind says in the article, “But the boys who have arrived at puberty were quite frank with one another in their sexual talk. I perceived that paedicatio was fairly common but fellatio non-existent – at least practically.” In this statement, the narrator is put through pressure that takes him out of his comfort zone. You can see this because in the next statement, Lind says, “Several times tremendously virile adolescents approached me but always repulsed their advances simply because I was at the time a God-intoxicated youth.” I can relate to this based on being out of my comfort zone. I graduated eighth grade middle school, and transferred to a new highschool in a new town just before highschool started. People were a lot more mature than usual, and I was totally not used to seeing the unfamiliar faces everyday. Even in gym class, you’d heard of the fellatio and paedication talk as said in Lind’s autobiography. It’s words like those that usually won’t leave. In the autobiography, I can compare the students talking about the sexual activity with the guys in my locker room. Gym locker rooms were rather annoying. At one instance, there were men in the locker comparing their penis sizes and such. I didn’t know how to feel but to be slightly angry at how immature they were. Then, they would try to get me to compare mine as well, but there was just no way I would stoop low to that level. The uncomfort that I felt in that situation was all too similar to the androgynists’

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