Things They Carried And Fences: Literary Analysis

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The way something makes a person feel will always be remembered. Whether the actions or events are reality or fiction, what it makes you think will always be real and unique. In works of literature like “Things They Carried” and “Fences” some things tend to be a stretch of the truth. Being able to add some fiction and change reality can give you a different perspective of the story and help you fill a gap you could not fill before with what actually happened. In “Fences” it was used to make Troy’s emotions more vivid to the audience. In “Things They Carried” it was used to let O’Brian add to the emotional impact the audience would feel while reading his literature. Fiction plays a huge role in both of stories because it helps the audience capture something more than what was read.
Fiction is the opposite of reality, something that did not happen. Being able to convince the audience that fiction is reality allows the author to convey a message that he might have only been able to express that way. With reality, you are
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The author would usually add something at the end of Troy’s stories to symbolize “death” and the audience would always be on the lookout for it. Not only did this depict Troy’s emotions towards death but it helped establish some of Troy’s past and give the audience insight on to what made Troy that man he became. For example, when Troy talks about meeting Rose, his wife, he always exaggerates on what he told her or on his actions towards her, but it helped the audience realize at one point that Cory was not his biological son and that he picked them both up and took care of them. What he said was definitely a lie and Rose always made sure to point that out but the author gave us information in a very subliminal way. Without a little fiction or lies from Troy the audience would not have known that

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