Thethical Controversical Experiment: Milgram's Ethical Experiment

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MILGRAM’S RESEARCH 2 Milgram’s Obedience Research A controversial experiment was conducted in 1974 that has sparked conversation in how to conduct an ethical experiment even in today’s society. The experiment is known today as Milgram’s Obedience Research. This is a very known study that is still talked about in classrooms even today. It was the first of its kind and sparked conversation in many departments of study. This experiment is used to not only show students a study of obedience to help better understand how the holocaust occurred, but to also show the gray area of ethical boundaries pushed by Milgram. Because the experiment is so controversial, it is up to skepticism to determine if the experiment was done in an ethical manner. Milgram wanted to explain the phenomenon of obedience that allowed the Nazi’s to conduct the holocaust. This drove him to push the limits to try and find answers to the question of how the holocaust was able to happen. “The Nazi regime came to power in Germany in 1933. In the same year, on 15 …show more content…
“Milgram himself was more interested in demonstrating the phenomenon than in developing a comprehensive theory of obedience, an approach that initially made it difficult for him to publish his findings in the best academic journals” (Burger, 2014, 489). He was trying to explain the significance in obedience, but for the psychological health of the participants, he pushed the line too far. The background of Milgram’s heritage plays a large role in to why the experiment was conducted in the first place. He was trying to explain why the holocaust was able to occur, and to such a large extent. This was a pondering question for most individuals in this time frame, but he decided to study obedience to try to explain the

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