There 's Still Good People Essay

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There’s Still Good People I. Happy Times
I was born and raised in one of the most known places in the United States, Chicago, IL. From where I live, it was always so vibrant and full of energy. I remember always passing by the urban streets of Chicago on a daily basis. Things were so great back then. You would always hear an upbeat, funk type of music that always attracted people. In most cases, most people would stop whatever they were doing to go see the fuss. Every time momma would walk me to school, I would always beg her if we can walk past by there. In the middle of North Michigan Avenue and Oak Street, would be this group of people dancing. They were street performers who mostly danced hip-hop. They always had these snap back hats with baggy pants, or poopy pants as my dad would call them. They would do a lot of popping, breaking, and jazz funk. Their tricks were amazing; it’s almost as if I was watching the circus for free. It was so cool to see them before I headed out to school. Their tin can would always be filled with dollar bills. You could hear the chingle of the coins being dropped into the can from a far. This area that they performed in would also be called Magnificent Mile. Magnificent they were. As months would pass, we would still see these performers each day, and also the wall behind them started to have graffiti behind it. At first, I imagined that it would be painted because of bad people as mommy would say. But as each day passed, the graffiti…

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