Essay about There 's A Fight By Elaine Elinson And Stan Yogi

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Wherever There’s a Fight by Elaine Elinson and Stan Yogi, is a book that narrows down the struggles of man and woman of all colors to protect and extend their civil rights liberties. It provides stories of events in history that marked the lives of many people.The stories described in the book show how many people were being discriminated for the way they looked, the disability they had, their sexualaty for being black, latino, or Japanese. It gives the reader an image of all the injustices and struggles many of these people had to go through to fight for their civil rights. The author of the book begins from the start of early California to where it becomes a state it mentions the Bear Flag Revolt, and how after the Mexican American war with the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo Mexico had to grant California to the United States. Then the question arise to whether California was going to be a free slave state or not. The debate over excluding free blacks from the state came to an issue, and the rights for women to attract them to come live to california. These events were the start to the different stories described by the author in the book.
Overall the authors purpose on writing this book, I believe was to show the readers how all the struggles that the people in the stories presented as evidence, showed us that they fought with everything they had to gain their civil rights. All the hardships that they went through made them stronger to fight for equality. I believed…

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