Essay about There Is No Hope of Doing Perfect Research

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There is no hope of doing perfect research

Research involves search for information or systematic examination without established perceptions to create logic facts, resolve prevailing crises. It will therefore be a never ending process. One person will make a conclusion on a certain concept and another person will use that conclusion to start a new concept. Based on established definition, anticipating to conduct a perfect research is beyond expectations in various genres of study (Zafar, 2011, Para 3).Research contributes to a large part in inventing new principles and establishing a solution to a prevailing issue in a given study. Therefore, significance of research
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Here are some supporting evidence that shows that there is no hope of doing perfect research on any aspect

Apple Corporation being one of the most renowned organization in production of innovative technological products. Initially this company introduced a portable device called I-Pod that was characterised with media player. However, the company improved the product and later introduced the I-Phone and I-Pad based on broadening its research on its initial project. This clearly shows that the hope of conducting a perfect research is beyond expectations and insignificance of basing inventions on perfection greatly hampers perpetual innovation.

One more example is about computer. Charles Babbage was the inventor of the first mechanical computer that was complex in design. Though it was latest mechanical computer in the line, day by day this model was getting old and human beings with their unsatisfied nature were expecting innovation and introduction of more advanced machine. In today’s world more machines that have high speed and more advanced features have been introduced. This shows that research will be an endless procedure that has no end.

In conclusion, like Griffiths, I also believe that there is absolutely no hope of doing a perfect research. Conducting research is geared towards advancement of knowledge as well as making lives of mankind better. On this

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