Theories of Crime Causation Essay

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Major Theories of Crime Causation
Robert Lincoln
CJ 102-02
Kaplan University
August 4, 2013
Major Theories of Crime Causation Various units contain a number of theories that try to explain the causes of crime in the society. The theories have been developed to have an in-depth understanding of the crime and how best they can be addressed to ensure that humans live in a conducive environment. These units and theories have been around and in use from as early as the twentieth century. Over the years, theorists and researchers have engaged their minds in trying to find answers and possibly cab the high level of crime that the world faces today (Siegel, 2010). Many of the theories developed give varying analytical statistics on the
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Criminologists use these theories to describe why and how criminals behave in a particular way. In view of these theories, possession or not possession of certain characteristics implies some mental problems or personal disorders. Even though some of these traits may appear at childhood, they continue through adolescence and adulthood leading to individual impaired characters. There are various theories under traits, which are used to explain the causes of criminal engagement among individuals in a society. Behavioral theory views that criminal acts emerges from biological or psychological situations of a person, which manage coping schemes and ultimately leads to criminal behavior; this theory declares that there are common physical traits that are shared by criminals. For instance, it demonstrates criminals on the ground that there are features in a person that could become a criminal. Such distinct features are in the jaw line, teeth, as well as the nose. The view of this theory thus shows that certain individuals were born criminals. In addition, some studies argue that some traits in some people that force them into a life of deviancy; such people are referred to as formerly inferior. Similarities and differences between rational theory and behavioral theory Both theories cause crimes in various people despite the difference in personalities. However, in choice theory, a person under vigilant deliberation chooses crime because it far

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