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There are many very interesting facts about Theodore Roosevelt Jr. He was born in New York City on October 27th, 1858. His father was Theodore Roosevelt Sr. and his mother was Martha Bulloch. He has three siblings, his eldest sister’s name is Anna Roosevelt and he has a younger brother and sister; their names are Elliott Bulloch Roosevelt and Corinne Roosevelt Robinson. His family owned a very successful plate-glass import business called Roosevelt and Sons. As a young boy he spent a lot of time inside his family’s handsome brownstone, he was homeschooled due to illnesses and asthma. It gave him the opportunity to nurse his passion for animal life, but by his teens with encouragement from his father Teddy developed a rigorous physical routine …show more content…
Not long after, he was speeding through various public service positions, including Captain of the National Guard and minority leader of the New York Assembly. His wife and mother died on the same day, which propelled him to leave for the Dakota Territory for two years as a cattle rancher and cowboy, leaving his infant daughter with his eldest sister. He returned to political life in 1886, he was defeated for the New York City mayorship. Around the same time he married his second wife, Edith Kermit Carow, whom he’d known as a child. Roosevelt soon resumed his career trajectory, first as civil service commissioner, then as New York City police commissioner, and Assistant U.S. Navy Secretary under William McKinley. Taking interest in the Spanish-American War, Roosevelt left his government post to organize a volunteer cavalry known as Rough Riders, which he led in a charge up San Juan Hill in the Battle of San Juan Heights, in 1898. A war hero, and nominated for the Medal of Honor, he was elected governor of New York in 1898. Roosevelt’s progressive policies ran him afoul his own party, so the Republican party bosses aimed to quiet him by naming him on the vice presidency ballot for McKinley. However, after McKinley’s reelection he was assassinated, which made Roosevelt president at age 42. He became the …show more content…
He aimed to weaken governmental corruption, put education on the top of his progressive list, regulation of large corporations and monopolies, enacted child labor laws, supported the 8hr work day, improved safety and health conditions in factories, workers compensation laws, and minimum wage laws for women. He supported prohibition, he also created national parks and wildlife refuges, he opposed savagery and conflict. Roosevelt also deemed as the the country’s first environmentalist president. In 1906, he signed the National Monuments Act, protecting sites like the Grand Canyon and preserving countless wildlife sanctuaries, national forests and federal game reserves.He also made headway with the nation’s infrastructure, instigating 21 federal irrigation projects. His presidency is distinguished by his dedication to prosecuting monopolies under the Sherman Anti-Trust Act. He believed the government should use its resources to help achieve economic and social justice, many of his domestic policies involved fighting big industry and corruption in an attempt to help the common man. Out of his commitment grew a benchmark, the “Square Deal”- a domestic program that embraced reform of the American workplace, government regulation of industry and consumer protection, with the overall aim to help

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