Themes Of Revenge In Shakespeare's Hamlet

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Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet depicts how a community falls apart when put under stress of conflicts. Arisen from inside the country walls of Denmark, this conflict stems from the King’s murder. When the main character, Hamlet, returns home from college in order to attend his father’s funeral and the remarriage of his mother, he is visited by his father’s ghost who tells Hamlet that the King’s (Hamlet’s father) death was no accident. From this point on, the play focuses on gaining revenge in an unjust society. The concepts of redemption and moral truth that create a just society cannot be seen in the play, Hamlet is the exact opposite. Hamlet by William Shakespeare reveals the turmoil and pain a community feels when revenge and corrupt truth work hand in hand to create an unjust society.

Revenge could be defined as gaining payback by harming someone who has wronged you or your family. In a sense, revenge is a cynical branch off of redemption. Revenge can be seen most prevalent in Hamlet and Laertes, who are both trying payback their fathers’ deaths. In the first act of the play, Hamlet finds out that his uncle, King Claudius, was the one who murdered his father. Hamlet vows that he will revenge his father’s death by saying, “Now to my word: It is “Adieu, adieu,
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His reaction shows that there is a negative difference in Denmark compared to other places. Denmark, with their new king is on the brink of war with Norway. With the people of Denmark are found in complete chaos when trying to find justice in their society. Hamlet states “Why, then, 'tis none to you; for there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so: to me it is a prison (II, 2, 253). Hamlet, is a play about people keeping an eye on other people. Since nobody is trusting one another, conflict and corruption continue to flurry until at the end when everybody dies, except

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