Themes In Washington Irving's Legend Of Sleepy Hollow

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In, Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Washington Irving highlights a viable arrangement of starvation pictures that starts with his long portrayal of the emaciated, haggard Ichabod and reaches out to the practically physical yearning that his hero feels when he sees the rich produce of Van Tassel 's territory. Irving utilizes imagery, tone, and symbol to suit the equally mixed story line and underlying concept in this story. The author of this short story creates a mysterious and suspenseful tone which leads the reader to haunted journey. Washington Irving utilized greed as to be the main theme throughout the story; Ichabod wants to marry Katrina out of his lust for money and power, not love.
Imagery described by the author is a very powerful verdict and the reader can sense the way of talking of the author. Irving describes the main character in a sarcastic way
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Irving 's point by point portrayals of Ichabod 's unattractive appearance, egotistical inspirations and agonizing disposition make a scary and vile tone. Irving demonstrates the impossible to miss, dim side of Ichabod. The premonition, spooky woodland and old stories add to the anticipation. Readers know something horrendous is going to happen - and perhaps Ichabod is meant to deserve it with his greediness and selfishness. Irving makes a tone that is to a great degree adversarial. Ichabod wants to marry Katrina out of his desire for cash and force, not cherish. Irving portrays him as having "green smooth eyes," an expression that symbolizes his jealousy and greed. Irving additionally portrays his huge mouth and unquenchable appetite, giving readers the impression that he has monster-like characteristics. Ichabod is a suitable anti-hero which leaves the readers with no disappointments when he is confronted by the headless horseman. The unfavorable, premonition components support the antagonistic yet captivating

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