What Is The Theme Of Fahrenheit 451 A Dystopian Society

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Ray Bradbury, one of the most acclaimed science fiction writers of all time, was born on August 22, 1920 in Waukegan, Illinois. From a young age Bradbury knew that he wanted to be a writer, he even started writing his own stories at the age of 11. Bradbury’s life was not easy though, for he lived through the Great Depression, one of the most trying times in United States history. Living during this depressing time did not stop Bradbury from doing what he loved. He continued to write all throughout this time, and even when times were tough he would right on butcher paper when needed to. Bradbury’s life changed for the better in 1934 when his family moved to the city of Los Angeles, California. Bradbury loved the city of Los Angeles …show more content…
Bradbury explores many themes throughout Fahrenheit 451 such as censorship, the decline of thought, and conformity. Since there are no books in this society, nobody really thinks anymore and this makes them susceptible to control. The censorship of books causes them to become almost completely devoid of thought, and what they do think about are trivial things such as weather, cars, and TV. Bradbury shows us this future, so that he can show us what our increasing reliance on technology could make us become. He sets out to show us that without critical thinking we become shells of what we once were. One of the main themes that is present in Fahrenheit 451 is censorship, and Ray Bradbury even argued that censorship was the biggest theme (ww.biography.com). Bradbury also lived during World War II in which a lot of books were burned by the Nazis which is one of the things that influenced him to write on this topic. Censorship was one of the things Bradbury hated the most because he believed in the power of critical thinking, and also because he had always loved to read and write. Censorship is undoubtedly the main reason that the society in Fahrenheit 451 has become devoid of thought. It is due to the government taking away the ability to read anything that provokes thought which makes the people all become so average and bland. Clarisse even says, “People don’t talk about anything…nobody says anything different from anyone else…” (Bradbury). Almost everyone in this book his lost what it means to be human, which is to seek to learn and to be curious. Instead all the people decide to blindly follow what their government tells them because they don’t realize that anything is wrong with them. The biggest thing this censorship does to the people

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