Slavery Vs Slavery

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Worse Than Slavery looks into the severe details of a ruthless period in our nation’s history when defeated white southerners and emancipated freed men rebuilt their area. They established new economic relationships and make new social statues in the late nineteenth century. Ironically, the cruel foundation of slavery overpowered the most intense racism violence. Slavery was a classification of harsh white control over most black people and it made black slaves more treasured in an innocently economic sense. However Without these established restrictions, freedmen were more defenseless and less treasured to resentful southern whites.

After the Civil War, there was abundant hope that the discrimination against the black race would cease to
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With all things change is hard and white people thought that by letting African American have anything would cut into their wealth. Before African Americans were emancipation, mayhem occurred when a white slave-owner felt the need to discipline one of their workers. Losing control over something can be a scary. Not only were slave-owner losing their was of life but they were losing their control over what they considered there property. However, after the Emancipation of blacks, the white people felt the need to prove supremacy over the other race. During the Reconstruction period of the Civil War, “black hopes and white fears collided.” (p23) Since blacks were looked at as property, before and during the Civil War, depending on who your master was you may have been protected from some dangers if you stated in line. After Emancipation, they were no longer property, so some of that protection they African Americans would have were gone and they were on their own. The overpowered feelings of whites towards African Americans came out and resulted in the lynching, torture, and unjust treatment. Lynching African American especially in the South, increased …show more content…
Scientific racism is the use of scientific suggestions to maintenance the belief in racism, racial inadequacy, or even racial power. Or in other words that claims that classifying people of different phenotypes into disconnected races or backgrounds is better the others. Superiority based on cultural diversity is scientifically false, morally condemnable, socially unwarranted and unsafe, and there is no defense for racial bias, neither in theory nor in practice, anywhere that is right. Based upon acceptance in the reality and significance of racial categories and a ladder of superior and secondary races. In the United States, a major target of scientific racism was of the African Americans community. Respected and unprincipled scientists alike wrote and believed in these racist theories that served to justify an American system of eighteenth-century slavery and post-bellum isolated instruction. When slaves were bought in the United States it seemed that they had personality flaws and were unintelligent this was a reason that African Americans should not be treated as equals. These studies depended heavily on the assumption that objective individualities were inherently interrelated to personality traits. I do believe that people place traits associated with being black as unsavory traits. This is till something that blacks have to deal with and they

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