What Is There Freedom In The Handmaid's Tale

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“The Handmaid’s tale” by Margaret Atwood is a dystopian novel, where women are being

controlled and have no freedom. Women are expected to cover their body; they are subjected to

being treated as the weaker sex that aren’t allowed to read or learn. In this dystopian, women are

being controlled by men, by controlling women’s knowledge, feelings and attachment. Women in

this society are not allowed to have freedom; they are controlled by the commanders or their wife’s.

The women that are most controlled are those who are called slut, from low social status or the

women who have different religious beliefs or any belief in general, that the totalitarian feel, that

it is a threat to their society. This society shows people
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The handmaids are treated

unequal are given less opportunity and have to flow both the commander and the commander wife

demands. This dystopia has a lot of dark and unhuman moment we’re up to the end it does not

mention how the Gilead society started.

In a place where writing is forbidden which shows me how freedom of expression is

completely not available in this society, their rights have been taken away. “The Handmaids Tale”

is a cruel work of literature where there are no rights. Women specially handmaids are treated as

object in the sense that their children are taken away because the society qualifies them as unfit

mothers. Serena who is also a woman has a different kind of status as a woman, then the handmaid,

she orders the handmaid around and one day tells Offred that she should sleep with nick in order

to get pregnant and to see the daughter she believed to be dead in a picture. Not only men abuse

they’re power in this society, but also the wives who are given a little more of power by the men.

Women are completely not given rights and are pressured into not rebelling against they’re

government, they’re

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