Theme Of Weakness In Of Mice And Men

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Weakness can make some characters to put their guard down and act irrationally. Lennie is afraid of getting into trouble with people at the ranch, making George mad, doing things that George said not to do like talking to Curley’s wife, or not listening. Lennie is also afraid of not being able to tend to the rabbits after Lennie and George save up enough money to by their own land. Curley’s wife was so desperate for attention that putting her guard down causing her to get killed. Crooks’s weakness was for communication and friendship. He was so used to getting left out and being alone that when Lennie came to his room to talk to him, he put his guard down, causing Curley’s wife to threaten that he would be hung if Crooks would open his mouth about her being in there just to talk to them. In times of weakness, characters in Of Mice and Men, act irrationally.
Lennie’s fear of not tending to rabbits, causing him to act irrationally by talking to Curley’s wife and killing her. Lennie wants to tend to the rabbits after George and Lennie save up enough money working at the ranch After Lennie killed the puppy, he is afraid that he won’t be able to tend to the rabbits which makes him upset and sad. “‘Now I won’t get to tend to the rabbits. Now he won’t let me.’ He rocked himself back and forth in his sorrow” (85). Lennie wants
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Lennie’s fears became a reality when he didn’t get to tend to the rabbits. Curley’s wife’s desperation for attention has costed her life meanwhile Crooks loneliness had caused him to act irrationally by thinking he had a friend. He realized that he was still not wanted because the one person he thought was his friend ended up getting killed. Crooks is still not wanted by the others on the ranch because of his race and disability. Don’t let your weakness cause you to act irrationally like some of the characters in Of Mice and Men by John

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