Theme Of Trust And Betrayal In The Tempest

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Agent Melina May, one of the antagonists on ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. once said, “You can 't undo what 's been done. That will be with you forever. But trying to hold onto this life, clinging to the person you thought you could be - that 's hell” (“Repairs”). Agent May explained that it’s impossible to change the past, and that one must alter his or her lifestyle in order to avoid their future being consumed by it. Conversely, if one sulks in the past and refrains from a change, the past will devour what is to come, and influence one’s actions creating an immoral lifestyle. Similarly, in The Tempest, this concept applies to one character in particular, that character being Antonio. Antonio’s character faces challenges that spring into his …show more content…
In Shakespearean literature, cinematic themes always define the play or characters. In The
Tempest, Shakespeare intertwines the themes of trust and betrayal, and he makes a point to always place trust before betrayal. Shakespeare describes the condition of trust between Antonio and Prospero when
Prospero explains to his daughter that his trust, “Like a good parent, did beget of him [Antonio] / A falsehood in its contrary” (1.2.93-94). Shakespeare utilizes a metaphor to explain that Prospero’sblind trust in Antonio nurtured and brought Antonio’s betrayal upon him similar to how a good parent” would raise a child. Similarly to Antonio’s betrayal was Caliban’s. When arguing with Caliban, Prospero says that he, “lodg’d thee [Caliban] / In mine own cell, till thou didst seek to violate / the honor of my child”
(1.2.347-349). Again Shakespeare employs the theme of trust in the betrayal of Caliban to strengthen the belief that trust indeed precedes treachery.Shakespeare repeats this trend of trust preceding betrayal to affirm that Antonio’s betrayal was imminent and completely unavoidable. Prospero’s trust
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Likewise, in the main plot relating to betrayal between
Sebastian, Antonio, and Alonso, the two [Sebastian and Antonio] deceivingly tell Alonso, “We two, my lord, / Will guard your person while you take your rest, / And watch your safety”

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