Dystopian Texts In Brave New World

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The novel, Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, is a dystopian novel about a society that is centered on, The World State, a place that uses factory-like production to clone humans and uses drugs to keep its citizens happy and contented. Throughout the novel, the subjects of conditioning, drugs, sexual promiscuity and humanity are prevalent. The main character of the novel is Bernard, a member of the World States highest caste, who dislikes the way his society works and wishes to have a meaningful relationship with a girl named Lenina, even though things like love, close relationships, courtship and emotional intimacy are replaced by sex in this society. Bernard is frustrated because even when he explains what he wants Lenina doesn’t understand. …show more content…
In One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, the facility can be considered an isolated dystopian world. Both worlds rely on drugs to keep the people in order and to keep their emotions repressed. In OFOTCN, their primal urges are repressed in order to keep the patients in line and the asylum in order. In BNW, the characters are encouraged to act on their sexual impulse to keep them happy and to distract them from the things that have been taken away from them. Both novels have a system of divided up the people (Brave New World has a caste-like system and One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest divides patients by mental status). There is also a parallel between McMurphy and John/(Bernard to some degree) due to their rebellion against the status quo in their respective worlds. Both came into their situation of their own free will and both have values that differ from the values of the dystopic society they find themselves in which causes conflict. The theme of sex is important in both novels although it is treated in ways that are opposite. In OFOTCN Nurse Ratched works to emasculate the characters and shame them for their actions, but even so the one thing the book keeps mentioning is women’s breast as a way of showing the men having trouble with repressing their sexuality. IN BNW sexuality is used alongside drugs as a tool to keep the people from thinking too much and to keep them in a state of …show more content…
In OFOTCN, the nurse and staff use drugs to keep the patients in a state of emotionlessness so they are easy to control and to make it hard for them to think and to be defiant. In BNW although the goal of the society is supposed “to keep people constantly happy”, it is shown during the rebellion that John caused that drugs are used to calm the masses and keep control. Both novels feature people living lives more of less on a schedule. The patients in Cuckoo’s nest are on a strict schedule. And in BNW they are on a schedule for their jobs and they are supposed to have sex/orgies on a schedule. In BNW Ford is given god status in their society and they employ a Fordist production model in various facets of their society in order to keep

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