Theme Of Sadder And Wiser In The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner

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Sad but Wise
(A literary analysis of why the character is sadder and wiser in Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s “The rime of the Ancient Mariner”)

Life is a glorious gift that is given to us. It is not something that we choose, but rather something that chooses us. In life there are many different things that we experience. Some of these things we learn from instantly, others take many occurrences before we realize that it is meant to be a lesson. As we grow older we become wiser. Wisdom is all a part of the life that we live, and without it there would be no reason for us to continue on the way that we do. In Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s poem “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” the character goes through a journey of life changing experiences.
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The man is on his way to a wedding party when he encounters the old man that tells him the story of the mariner. “The Mariner, whose eye is bright,/ Whose beard with age is hoar,/ Is gone; and now the Wedding Guest/ Turned from the bridegroom’s door.” (Coleridge 845, 618-621) Here the man was already on his way to the party. He had spent all of his time to not only get ready for the party, but also get there. Upon hearing this story from the old man, he stopped all that he had planned and turned away from the party. This could not only make him sad because he turned away from the fun that was ahead of him, but also wiser in that of being able to turn away from the possible sins that awaited him at the party. He no longer cared about the party and was more focused on the wellbeing of …show more content…
Wisdom and sadness are two things that come hand and hand with each other. Though a person may be wiser than he once was, there was much sadness that they had to endure before they got there. To see the true beauty in things a person has to endure sadness in their life in order to truly know what beauty is. “Hey prayeth best, who loveth best/ All things both great and small;/ 8For the dear God who loveth us,/ He made and loveth all.” (Coleridge 845, 614-617) Here the man is able to see that there is beauty in life. There is beauty in that God created all men, and no matter what loves us all. Through the rough times that bring sadness, and even the good times that bring happiness there is beauty knowing that God loves us all. Seeing the beauty in things makes the wedding guest a sadder and wiser

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