Lennie And Crooks In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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In John Steinbeck's of Mice and Men, Lennie and Crooks, an unlikely pair, isolated from society face social prejudice. Lennie and Crooks, work on the old man’s farm. Crooks, a black man, isolated due to his color. Lennie is tough and tall, he is a child in a man’s body.

Crooks is a black man, isolated due to his color. He is weak, the bottom of the social ladder and physically separated from the ranch workers. Crook’s job on the farm, is to take care of the horses. Unfortunately, kicked by the horse Crooks back is crippled. Therefore, the ranch workers call him Crooks due to his crooked back. He is not treated equally like the rest of the ranch workers. Crooks is not allowed to step in the “bunkhouse”, and sleeps separately in the
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Lennie is mentally challenged, lacks the intelligence to deal with the world. He is constantly supported by George and taught right and wrong. Mentally challenged, Lennie requires constant guidance. George as a parent teaches Lennie right and wrong. Lennie acts childish and begins to drink “dirty water” out of a slough. Lennie lacks common sense. George feels it is his responsibility to teach Lennie what is wrong and right. George, being the adult, understands it is unsafe for Lennie to drink “scummy” looking water. George provides Lennie with boundaries to help him survive. He gives Lennie instructions and stability to develop and grow. Lennie has George to depend on and feels a sense of belonging. Whereas, Crooks is constantly harassed by the ranch members. Lennie works on the farm with George and sleeps near him. Moreover, Lennie feels at home with George. Lennie is “slow” and has a hard time working. Lennie is completely dependent on George to help him out. Whereas, Crooks handled all the Horses at the farm. Even though, Crooks faces difficulties working due to his crippled back, he understands his own responsibilities. Crooks does not complain about working on the farm. He is capable enough to handle his work and deal with the society. Lennie does not know how to act in society. Lennie likes to feel things or talks about rabbits. He is not able to control himself at times. Therefore, he is socially isolated since he can not handle himself without support. George leaves Lennie for some time and he begins to misbehave with Curley's wife. Begins to “feel her hair” and accidentally breaks her neck. Lennie lacks common sense and he is careless. He is a man, yet does not know how to act like one. Lennie, due to his illness, creates trouble whenever George is not around. Crooks, on the other hand, understands his place in society and learns to be away from the white men and accept the

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