Evilness In Lord Of The Flies Essay

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There are many ways that people can turn evil in life, and most of the time they do not know it is happening to them. We must constantly be reminded of how to be good in order to avoid this innate evilness. In the short story, they boys do not realize how evil they have become. They torture the main character and his brother, and brag about their deeds. In Lord of the Flies, the boys do not realize how evil they are until the Naval Officer arrives. They have killed each other throughout the book, and turned into blood-thirsty savages. In Macbeth, Macbeth turns evil to the point of no return. All he has in mind is his goal of becoming King, and he does not see how inhumane he is acting to reach this goal. Therefore, in the short story, Lord …show more content…
When they crash on the island, there are no adult figures to lead the boys as a figure of authority. The boys must lead themselves, and the results are not good. When they first begin to delegate power on the island, there is little debate or fuss over who will be in charge. But, as the story continues, Jack and Ralph find themselves in a growing struggle for power. As they both gain power, they show their true evilness. Jack’s evilness begins with him and his tribe of hunter doing the dance and chant after killing their first pig. It is a cruel and blood-thirsty chant that show how the boys are turning into savages. Jack and Ralph fight more and more over power, as Jack believes in hunting and food as power, whereas Ralph believes in order and delegation of responsibilities. There is no one to decide between the two boys, so it instead turns into an evil battle for control between the two boys. Simon is a figure in the story that shows his goodness throughout. He can be compared to Jesus Christ, as he is a figure who stays good even in times of great evilness. The tipping point of the boys’ evilness is when they kill Simon. They boys have completely turned into savages, and have a sort of mob mentality. When Simon emerges from the forest, their Id takes over, and they kill Simon. They do not think when committing this act, and instead lash …show more content…
In the short story, the boys are evil since they have power over their victims. The author realizes this, and becomes the figure of authority in his kids’ lives that prevents them from becoming evil. In Lord of the Flies, the boys become evil due to the lack of authority on the island, and realize how evil they have become when the British naval officer arrives. In Macbeth, Macbeth’s rise to power causes him to turn evil, as the power he gains corrupts him. He is never able to see how evil he has become, and it eventually leads to his death. The lesson that can be learned from these stories is that we all must remind ourselves of authority and the law occasionally in order to avoid becoming evil. In terms of a high schooler, we now face many big decisions in our lives. We must remind ourselves of our morals and laws when making these decisions, in order to stop ourselves from becoming

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