Theme Of Discrimination By Harper Lee Essay

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In the novel “To Kill a Mockingbird” written by Harper Lee, Atticus is a lawyer in the small town of Maycomb. Discrimination is an extensive problem that is advances throughout the book. Atticus Finch is designated to defend an African American male thought to have beaten and raped a girl in the town. The story is told through the point of view of Scout - Atticus’ youngest daughter. Throughout the story she is further exposed to racism and discrimination. For that reason she is able to make better judgement than the majority of the townspeople. Scout reinforces the relevance of discrimination through racism, segregation and discrimination.

While there is an evident theme of loss of innocence in the novel, Harper Lee references and uses the theme of discrimination more frequently to reinforce the theme of loss of innocence. In the novel, Calpurnia works for the Finches as a “maid” or a housekeeper. She acts like a guardian figure to Jem and especially to Scout since she has no other women figure in her life. Calpurnia decides to take Jem and Scout to her coloured church but they are not as welcomed as she hopes. Though Jem and Scout are hesitant to go to church with Calpurnia, they go anyway. As soon as they walk through the door they are greeted with one of the church goers, Lula, she immediately says “I wants to know why you bringin’ white chillun to nigger church” [Lee 12.158]. This exhibits that people who have not associated with other coloured people assume different…

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