The 's Views On Obtaining Decolonization Essay

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Colonialism is a big theme in the 20th century. Both Gandhi and Fanon have written on colonialism and violence during that era. One if them is a guru of India, leading people to peace and unionship; the other is a psychiatrist working in Algeria, seeing the condition of Algerian people under the French control. Having experienced authentic colonialism during their years of service in an developing or underdeveloped country, they both have feelings to express regarding the oppression enforced by a European country onto a country in Asia or Africa. Thus came along the work of Mohandas K. Gandhi: Hind Swaraj or Indian Home Rule (1909) and The Wretched of the Earth. This paper aims to look at both texts, both authors, and to find the differences of their views on obtaining decolonization. Through those differences, we should be able to see some unchangeable ideas governing the order of the world.

Both Gandhi and Fanon have argued that adoption of education India had been under British control, Gandhi argued that the force of pushing Indian people to adopt British culture is very toxic. They should have their own rule instead of adopting the Western way that had been reinforced upon them. It is “home rule” only if it is “self-rule”, and when it is the English way that they are carrying out, they become English in essence but not Indians, and thus lose the ability to call it “home rule” or “self rule”. Similar ideas exist in Fanon’s work as well. Fanon argued that verbal ability…

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