The 's Struggle For Power Essay

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Ever since the Spanish settlement in the 16th century, the country has worked as a service economy. In 1821, Panama broke out from Spain and joined Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela, calling themselves the Republic of Gran Colombia. When it dissolved in 1830, Panama remained part of Colombia, and in 1903 along with U.S support it became separated from Colombia. The United States and Panama signed a treaty that allowed the construction of a canal, and that also gave sovereignty to the U.S over a strip of land on either side of the structure. Between 1904 and 1914 the canal was built, and for 63 years the U.S maintained control of it. In 1977 it was officially transferred to Panama. Hans Morgenthau describes international politics as a struggle for power, and says that such power is always the immediate aim of the country (Morgenthau, 2006) throughout this analysis it will be discussed Panama’s struggle for power in geopolitical terms. Geography The Republic of Panama is located on the narrowest and lowest part of the Isthmus and works as a land bridge between North and South America. The capital, Panama City, is located in the intersection of the Panama Canal with the Gulf of Panama. The Panama Canal serves as the link between the two largest oceans on the planet, the Atlantic and the Pacific. The country extends 772 km from east to west and 185 from north to south. Panama borders with Costa Rica to the North and Colombia to the South, two countries that have been…

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