Essay on The 's, Music Video, Blurred Lines, By Robin Thicke

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A woman in a music video is often referred to as a Video Vixen. The term vixen typically elicits the thought of a temptress, who is aesthetically stunning, with long luscious hair, thick thighs, toned limbs, large breasts, and equally fitting derriere. Stereotypically, she wears high stiletto shoes designed to accentuate her hourglass, half-naked figures, and voluptuous silhouette. She is the object of sex appeal for men in music videos and treated as a prized trophy for possession. To the male viewer on the other side of the screen, she is mesmerizing, with her deep and penetrating eyes and glossy pouty lips as if she were requesting a private encounter with him. Through these actions, she has convicted herself as an object of sexual gratification to the male with no sense of self. Concurrently, he has molded roles for himself and for all women to emulate through these behaviors and perceptions of proper female physique as gender normative. In Robin Thicke’s, music video “Blurred Lines”, featuring T.I. and Pharrell exemplifies the problems of typical gender stereotypes by sexually objectifying women, its assertion of authority and prestige of men, and suggestive lyrics, contribute to society’s expectations of gender. One video-vixen flagrantly becomes the focal point of interest for the men in the video as she exhibits habits that sexually objectifying her is acceptable, in order for her to gain validation. She is a young, attractive brown-haired woman who gratuitously…

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