The 's Long Neck Is An Adaptation For Browsing High Vegetations

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According to the theory of natural selection, the Sauropods 's long neck is an adaptation for browsing high vegetations. Also, their long neck was also adapted for a large feeding envelope because they need to hold their food while moving from one tree to another. Their huge body is used to store food too. Sauropods ' bodies are big because they have a large digestive tract to store food inside until they get to the next vegetation area as well. The sauropods ' bodies were also used to scare off predators along with their big tails. The downside of having a huge body is that the Dinosaur must 've had a rapid growth. Rapid growth mean that the dinosaurs generate a lot of body heat. Their long neck and tail give the dinosaur more body surface to offset their body heat.

Paleontologists proposed the plates and spikes on the Stegosaur could be used to attract and compete for mates. The plates and spikes can also be used to identify the species and as a territorial display. They can use their horn to intimidate competition and fight their species for food and mating. Stegosaurus spikes were used to fight their species instead of other prey because the spike on their head displayed a scissor manner when they were put head to head. Deer and hippopotamus show this kind of behaviors when they attract the opposite sex or fight for territory. One hypothesis proposed that Stegosaurus plates were not used for fighting predators because no evidence prove there is muscle connected to…

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