The 's Law For Ethics Essay

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Bioethics is becoming a big moral conundrum as of late, a “Pandoras box” if you will, that when opened and discussed brings up some big questions like “what is the meaning of life?”, “is there such a thing as free will or destiny?”, or “should we live forever?” These questions hit hard on society, because of the Perfect storm of genetic engineering and ethics. Caused by “Societal demand for an account of ethical issues occasioned by the science in general and biotechnology in particular”, “appalling societal illiteracy with regards to science”, “poor understanding of ethics by society”, “Gresham’s Law for Ethics”, “Entrenched scientific ideology denying the relevance of ethics to science, leading to poor understanding of ethics by science”, and finally “vested interests dominating ethical discussions” (Rollin 509).
From what I can understand “Gresham’s Law” can be boiled down to, one bad apple ruins the bunch. In bioethics, and ethics in general “‘Gresham’s Law for ethics’ affirms that ‘bad ethics drives good ethics out of circulation’” (Rollin 509). As an extreme example of “Gresham’s Law for ethics” would be Hitler. How he took over Germany and with his skewed perception of morality, and ethics, drove out any sensible ethics with fear (Koschorke). Finding and solving these moral, and ethical solutions before someone with destructive self-delusions ruins it for everyone, is proven by history to be societies most important endeavor (Rollin 509).
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